Palisade Fence

Palisade fence is the most popular choice for locations requiring a higher level of security and vandal resistance, and can be seen protecting premises of many different types throughout the world. Steel palisade fence is especially popular for schools and industrial sites because of its high damage resistance and the fact that it is so difficult to climb. We offer palisade fence with either traditional 'D' section pales or 'W' section pales in a full range of heights from 1.2 meters up to 3.6 meters.

Palisade fence fixings
A comprehensive range of palisade sections, heads & fasteners provide the opportunity to select specifications to suit the security requirements of individual sites.

Palisade fence assembly
All palisade fence materials are dispatched to site in component form for rapid assembly. A key feature is that palisade fence will follow the profile of sloping ground, this not only prevents the need for 'stepping' but also any consequential security gaps below the fence.

With future security needs in mind, the posts supplied with palisade fence have the option of extra top fixing holes. These will facilitate the addition of further security measures - devices such as barbed wire, razor tape or even our Top Security anti-scale barrier - saving the need for costly site work which would also cause damage to the protective coating.


Palisade fence is widely used for the area of homes, schools, churches, industrial sites, office parks, stadiums.